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Ministry Moments – Stewardship

According to our bylaws, Stewardship Ministries shall inspire generosity of time and money in the service of Christ through this congregation. Stewardship is responsible for planning and implementing the annual Stewardship Campaign, overseeing the Planned Giving Program, and if requested by Parish Council, Supplemental Pledge Drives and other special campaigns like the Raise the Roof campaign that we had a couple of years ago. If we were to have a major capital campaign, Stewardship would provide oversight of that as well.

In late winter/early spring, Stewardship launches our annual Stewardship Campaign. We usually use a theme from the UCC and order Stewardship materials through them. Letters and pledge cards are sent to members and friends of Centre Church to invite them to pledge. When the campaign is over, Stewardship sends reminder letters to people who usually pledge, but haven’t yet submitted their pledge cards. We also send thank-you notes to everyone who pledges. Our Financial Secretary is the only one who knows how much people pledge, but he does provide Stewardship with the names of all who pledge so we can acknowledge receipt of their pledge and thank them for supporting Centre Church.

Stewardship tries to emphasize the importance of pledging. Parish Council needs to know how much income to expect during the fiscal year so they can develop an accurate budget and manage it effectively. Imagine if you knew you would receive a paycheck every month, but you had no idea what the amount would be. It would be impossible to make any kind of budget. The same holds true for the church. Pledging is important for us as individuals too. Our financial commitment demonstrates our dedication to the ministry of Centre Church. It says that we value the work of the church; that the church is important in our lives and in the lives we serve through our mission outreach. For those who like paying bills online, you can use the Online Giving link on the Centre Church website to pay down your pledge. What happens if your financial situation changes and you need to adjust your pledge amount? Just contact our Financial Secretary, Jim Marshall. He will make the changes you request.

Just as it’s important to be generous with our financial support, it’s also important to be generous with our time. There are lots of volunteer opportunities at Centre Church. If you join a committee, help with Godly Play, or volunteer to work on an event, you are helping to further the mission of the church. In addition to helping the church, you will have fun and make friends! Working with others toward a common goal helps new folks and long-time members get to know each other and feel more invested in the life of the church.

If you would like to learn more about Stewardship or help with the annual Stewardship Drive, please let me know. We are always looking for fresh faces and new ideas. Sometimes people say they are reluctant to join Stewardship because they don’t like asking people for money. I have two responses to that comment. First, there are behind-the-scenes ways to help Stewardship. Secondly, I prefer to think that Stewardship’s job is not to ask people for money, but to remind them of what they already know – in order to grow and thrive, the church needs our support.

Debbie Cotting, Stewardship Chair

For more information about the Stewardship Team, please send us an email