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Reverend Tom's Messages
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Each week, our pastor The Rev. Thomas Bentley, gives us a preview of his Sermon in a YouTube message. Please link to them from here and join us at 10am on Sunday mornings by Livestream or in person, to enjoy his more animated and extended version! The links below will allow full screen viewing.

May 26 2024
Challenged by the Mystery
Much of life is at its core a mystery. This does not contradict our ability to love. Indeed, love is the ultimate mystery.

May 19 2024
Today is Our Birthday for the Rest of Our Lives
We come to Jesus not alone. We come with others.

May 12 2024
Unity and Community in the Spirit
Jesus invites us to be together to receive God’s Spirit and change the world. We cannot do this if we remain apart and caught up in stupid fights and differences. Love is being of one mind and one heart.

May 5 2024
Time for a Pandemic of Love
The love we live in the world and for our human family is why we live in the first place. Jesus can help us live into this love.

April 28 2024
There is No Room for Fear in Love
It is hard to love in times of conflict. Jesus can help , if only we let him.

April 7 2024
Hearts to God Hands to Work
Ours is an age when community is under siege and many folks feel isolated and lonely. The early Christians of the 1st Century can help us with that if only we let them.

March 31 2024
The Space Between the Sacred and the Sublime
We must not loose focus on the Cross as we celebrate Resurrection.

March 17 2024
A New Covenant for A New Humanity
If we are to have a future we need to walk with God and open our hearts to the Divine Truth. Jesus can lead us, but we have to do the work.

March 10 2024
Letting God Make You and Save You
Sometimes things are so overwhelming we need to find our way to the God-light.

March 3 2024
Razed to the Foundations
Sometimes we have to tear down something in order to build new.

February 18 2024
The Re Creating Covenant of God
We are still evolving, and so we grow into an increasingly greater capacity to receive the Love of God. Such changes out relationship to all of Creation.

February 11 2024
Far Out and Close at Hand
We can never figure out the “Big Picture”, but drawing close to it can help us live a life of faith and assurance.

February 4 2024
In On the Mystery
If there is to be room in our hearts for love, we need to accept that much of true life is lived in mystery. We can approach matters of faith in no other way.

January 28 2024
Dealing with the Unclean Spirits
The forces of evil are real in the world. Sometimes these can be overcome only through the Love of the Divine Force of Grace.

January 21 2024
Divine Impulse
Sometimes life is a leap into the future… We need to have faith to take the plunge. That’s what Jesus is all about.

January 14 2024
The Moment of Recognition
We all feel displaced in our lives. Can we take a moment to recognize Divine Love in the midst of the confusion?

January 7 2024
God's Promises to Everyone
We who gather in churches need to know the Spirit is working overtime outside our walls. Epiphany is all about this truth. Blessings to You All in 2024. Rev. Tom

December 31 2023
Forced Honesty
The coming year of 2024 will be a challenge. We are in a time of reckoning. Jesus was born into a world filled with violence and fear. His birth continues to instruct us how to live into our own time.

December 17 2023
When Love Thunders into Joy
It is hard to be joyful in this world that sees so much loss, suffering, and injustice. If we dig down deep into Our souls we discover a force of Divine Love that can turn all the darkness into light. Thank You Jesus.

December 10 2023
Toward the End in the Beginning
This is the time we prepare for Christmas. Sometimes the sad collides with the happy in this season. If we open our hearts Hope can come alive.

December 3 2023
Cleaned Up For Jesus
Advent is a time when we receive the opportunity to slow down, clear out the junk, and receive the kind gifts of the Spirit. Hope this message helps.

November 26 2023
In the End the Secret Revealed
The Divine Creative Force of Love in the Universe offers us through Jesus lots of surprises - especially in the end.

November 19 2023
Digging up the Buried Treasure
We never know what amazing gifts God has given us until we decide to take a risk and dig down deep to discover what’s there.” It is often buried treasure that the whole world can use if only we take the risk to share.

November 5 2023
In That Quiet and Humble Space
The noise in our lives is increasingly loud and deafening. Much of the time we are making that noise. Jesus invites us to seek for humility and there we will find the quiet of our souls.

October 29 2023
The Love That Transforms
Love often is not easy. Jesus took on the toughest of love, and our human family was shown the way to true transformation. . Whenever we need to live into that love, he is here in real time to help us.

October 22 2023
Looking into the Face of God
God is both within us and beyond us. Jesus can help us navigate this mystery which sometimes seems to be a contradiction.