Special Congregational Meeting

November 19, 2006

The moderator, Phil Johnson, called the meeting to order at 11:12 A.M. With approximately 60 people in attendance, a quorum was achieved. The 3 items on the agenda were outlined: approving the new revisions to the CCC bylaws, approving the 2006-2007 budget and electing a new slate of officers and committee members to fill all positions as specified in the revised bylaws.

Phil explained that Parish Council had been considering needed changes to the bylaws for many years. Work on this began in earnest this past January under Mike Dunfee’s guidance. Phil detailed the many steps taken to sensibly revise the bylaws. The major changes include reforming the Worship Team back into a more traditional Deaconate, and having the Stewardship and Membership groups become individual ministry teams. Phil explained that approval required a two-thirds majority vote of the members attending this meeting, and asked for comments or questions. David Bjorkman commented on how daunting a task this was to complete, and thanked those who worked on it. The question was moved and a voice vote was taken. The motion was accepted and the new bylaws have been adopted.

Dwight Decker presented a brief recap of the budget. He explained that this budget covers the transition year to our new fiscal accounting period of June 2006- July 2007. The January 2006- June 2006 period had been planned at a zero deficit, and for the first time in many years, CCC achieved the goal of a balanced fiscal period. Dwight reviewed some of the components of this period and noted that the 2006-2007 budget being voted on is also balanced. He noted that Tower Day School is having a record year for revenue and that it is very realistic to expect that this year will also end on a zero deficit. Our challenge will be to increase pledges during the Stewardship campaign next spring. Questions and comments on unpaid pledges and the flower budget were addressed. The moderator moved the question and the new budget was approved by a voice vote.

Phil explained that due to the bylaw changes, Parish Council acted as the Nominating Committee for the upcoming slate of officers and committee members. He reviewed the proposed slate in detail and discussed the 3 positions that remain open. These include the Chairperson for Finance Ministries, one Delegate and the Vice-Moderator. It was moved and seconded to approve the slate as presented; this was approved by voice vote.

Rev. Dr. Dennis Bailey closed the meeting with thanks to all who had worked on the above, and with a closing prayer. A motion to adjourn was made at 11:35 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk