Council Meeting May 27, 2009


Meditation given by Dwight Decker


Approval of April meeting notes


Pastor Report:



            Report of building repairs continues

            Distress by Dennis to cover expenses of repair

            Letter on budget deficit sent by Dennis

            Work with budget sub-committee continues

            Concluding Remarks:  help by many to solve financial problems



            Future baptisms planned on calendar of church

            Continuing to make ministry calls to the sick


Other Activities:

            Vacation Time for Dennis is being planned

            August backpacking trip with scouts

            Clergy representation at Memorial Day Parade

            Clergy Association continues with town speakers, who could potentially provide support

            Possible new elevator company??


Nominating Committee:

            Assistant Treasurer still open


Financial Update:

            2008-2009 $30,000 shortfalls to be covered by Cash Reserve Account at Fidelity

            22 remaining unpledged units

            Estimate on current budget shortfall $15,000 from 22 pledging units

            Approval request to pass budget

            Review of Operating Budget by Dwight Decker

            Questions on T Mobile..Phil Johnson

            Question on staff expenses…level funding

            Approval of budget as of this date…Congregation approval sought on 6.14.09 along with approval of new officers

            Further discussion on current year budget

            Tower Day projected income vs. actual; discussion of approximately $85,000

            Tower Day insurance of employees in question

            Replacement of heating system approximately $30,000 (fund raising efforts?)


Christian Education:

            Children planting flowers on Sunday

            Children’s Sunday planned for June 7th

            Teacher/Shepard Volunteer recognition

            Vacation Bible School  June 29-July 2

            Wrapping up Youth Groups on Sunday, May 31st

            Next year youth group will be Grades 5-8, and 9-12

            Flocking raised $1,800 for Youth Mission Trip

            Red Sox raffle to be held June 7,hope to total $6,000 through all fundraising efforts

            3 persons to attend OWL training


Outreach Ministries:

            Bread & Roses speaker is being arranged for September

            Golf group 2008-2009 has reallocated their money to operating budget

            Missions has allocated some funding to Bread & Roses

            Question on Missions income which appears to be about $2,500 per month

            Our Church’s Wider Mission is $2,300 per month, which was reduced by $2,000


Membership Ministries:

            Review of List of members (not giving or participating over the past 2 years)

Mailing was done: giving options to re-up membership at church or some might have moved.  Response to mailing still outstanding, but by review of list, helped to reduce OCWM contribution, which is based on active members

            Play at Stoneham Theatre a go, with 17 tickets sold

            Trivia night cancelled to be rescheduled

            Planning end of summer cook out at church



            Final budget for Tower Day..more to come



            Favorite hymn Sunday…6.14.09

Melrose/Wakefield Chaplaincy council Representation.. rotating of Deacons, reporting to Diaconate

            Mark Meehl resigned, and also will not longer be a church delegate

            Hoping for a choir representative to fill that spot

Doug would like to ensure budget covers minimum amount necessary for choir, and also would like to see a job description (Dennis and Chris to meet on this matter)

            Deacons are looking over web site and will present ideas for updating



            Covered under financial heading


Finance Ministries

            Oven installed, funding by memorial

            Work Day, 6.9.09 might need to be repeated

            New maintenance volunteer

            Further discussion heating, energy issues


Fund Raisers:

            Dinner perhaps in September/October

            Church Fair

            Thanksgiving Pies

            Rent for use of lending out building to outside groups


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Parker, recording clerk pro tem