Parish Council Minutes

October 29, 2008


Attendees: Rev. Dennis Bailey; Chris Parker, Mary Ann Parker, Jeff Law, Barbara Langill, Chuck Cotting, Dwight Decker, Linda Ladd, and Sandi Watson. The meeting opened at 7:07 p.m. with a meditation by Barbara.

Pastor’s Report: Rev. Bailey has been working with Barbara, Jill, and the Diaconate on upcoming services and events:

Reverend Bailey has also been visiting people who are new to, or returning to, Centre Church. The Lynnfield Clergy Association continues to meet on a regular basis.

Vice Moderator: Jeff Law talked about the list of vacant positions: Outreach Ministries Chair, Assistant Treasurer, and Recording Clerk.

Treasurer: Dwight reviewed the 2008/2009 income and expense numbers through the end of September.

Planned Giving: Chris said that the Planned Giving team met on October 27 to discuss how to promote planned giving at the church and to develop materials for educating members about how planned giving works. Phil Johnson will be attending a seminar about Planned Giving in November.

Christian Education and Youth Ministries: Barbara reported on many Sunday School and Youth Group activities:

Membership Ministries: Chuck talked about the luncheon on November 9 to celebrate Rev. Strickland’s status as Pastor Emeritus of the church. Membership Ministries is also planning a trip to Stoneham Theatre to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” on December 6th, at 3:00 p.m. Please sign up in advance! Chuck also described the new Centre Church Newcomer Information Card that Cindy Trayers designed.

Diaconate: Linda said that the Diaconate was happy to welcome three new members: Carrie Pericola, Leslie Carey, and Bruce Weaver. In addition to working with Reverend Bailey on upcoming worship services, the Diaconate is planning a “Favorite Hymns” Sunday with Doug Hodgkins.

Stewardship: Mary Ann reported that she had met with Debbie Cotting, the outgoing chair. The new Stewardship Ministry team members are: Ann Decker, Chris Gehret, Sue Johnson, Bob MacKendrick, Cindy Trayers, and Mike Nickerson.

Upcoming Stewardship events:

Finance Ministries/Properties: Chris said that the Lights Out program is staffed through February.

The HVAC system’s efficiency is being analyzed; the Finance Ministries/Properties team will be making a recommendation to Council soon. Phil and Chuck are working on a proposal to replace the range in the big kitchen (in the church basement).

TMobile may be interested in renting space for an antenna on the church’s steeple. Phil will meet with them in November.

Next Meeting: The next meeting of Parish Council is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 19, 2008, in the Pastor’s outer office.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi Watson, recording clerk