Parish Council Minutes

September 24, 2008


Attendees: Rev. Dennis Bailey; Chris Parker, Barbara Langill, Perry Hayden, Phil Johnson, Chuck Cotting, Dwight Decker, Linda Ladd, Jeff Law (via phone), Chris Gehret, and Sandi Watson. The meeting opened at 7:10 p.m. with a meditation by Linda.

Pastor’s Report: From October 9 through 15, Reverend Bailey will be on vacation. Phil Triffletti will deliver the sermon at worship on Sunday, October 12. Rev. Bailey is talking with church staff about their evaluations and their goals for the coming year. Upcoming dates of interest:

Moderator: Chris Parker reviewed with Council the agenda for the Annual Meeting on September 28. He also noted the positions still open on various ministry teams.

Treasurer: Dwight said that the final budget numbers for 2007-2008 came in close to projections, with the church running a deficit of just under $3,000.00. For the coming year, the usual expense items are difficult to predict, such as heating and building maintenance costs.

Planned Giving: Phil reported that the Planned Giving team will meet on October 27 to discuss how to promote planned giving at the church and to develop materials for educating members about how planned giving works.

Christian Education and Youth Ministries: Barbara said that the Shareholders Dinner about the Youth Group trips this summer was well attended, and included a slideshow of photos taken during the New Orleans trip.

Rotation Sensation is under way. Judy Potter and Karen Jodoin are leading the 7th and 8th grade class, which features the book “Way to Live: Christian Practices for Kids.”

There are three Youth Groups this year – 5th and 6th grades, 7th and 8th grades, and High School. There were more than 30 youth at the kickoff meetings. The High School Youth Group is planning to return to New Orleans for another outreach trip next summer. On October 4, the Youth Group will be hosting another computer and appliance recycling drive, with proceeds to help fund this outreach trip.

Outreach Ministries: Chris reported that a group is using part of the church basement space to sort out books as they help set up libraries in the Philippines (they have established 110 in 10 years). The Knitting Group has created enough squares to make 30 blankets. Outreach Ministries is planning to host a food drive soon.

Phil added that the 6th Annual Centre Church Golf Tournament raised $1,250. This money will support local food pantries.

Membership Ministries: Chuck said that on November 9, following worship, Membership Ministries will host a luncheon to celebrate Rev. Strickland’s status as Pastor Emeritus of the church. Membership Ministries is also planning a trip to Stoneham Theatre this holiday season to attend a Christmas show.

Education Ministries: Perry reported that the Tower Day School board will be meeting soon. People are calling in response to the Tower Day sign in front of the church, inquiring about openings for next year.

Diaconate: Linda noted that the framed Open and Affirming certificates that were presented to the congregation on September 21 are now on display in the hallway by the parking lot entrance. An ONA rainbow symbol was added to the sign in front of the church. The Diaconate recently polished the church silver.

Stewardship: Chris said that Debbie Cotting, outgoing chair, has met with the new chair, Mary Ann Parker, to talk about Stewardship campaign activities.

Finance Ministries/Properties: Phil said that the fall cleanup went well, with lots of helpers, including local Boy Scouts. The health insurance program is in place and one staff person has enrolled.

On the building maintenance front, Phil had some bad news – the oven in the kitchen must be replaced and the air conditioning system for the staff offices has broken. The air conditioning problem may be part of a larger one, involving the heating system for the entire church. Phil is investigating options for assessing the status of the current HVAC system, and the potential cost of replacing it. He expects to have specific proposals for Council to consider in October.

Next Meeting: The next meeting of Parish Council is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 29, 2008, in the Pastor’s outer office.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi Watson, recording clerk