Parish Council Minutes

May 27, 2008


Attendees: Rev. Dennis Bailey; Chris Parker, Jeff Law, Barbara Langill, Debbie Cotting, Chuck Cotting, Perry Hayden, Phil Johnson, Dwight Decker, Linda Ladd, and Sandi Watson.

The meeting opened at 7:08 p.m. with meditations by Rev. Bailey and Perry. Minutes from the April 30 meeting were approved.

Pastorís Report: Reverend Bailey said that the staff continues to meet on a regular basis, with good communication an ongoing priority. Barbara and Jill are working with Reverend Bailey to plan the June 8 worship service, to honor local firefighters and celebrate Childrenís Sunday.

Rev. Bailey continues to meet with the Lynnfield Clergy Association. He said that he will also be serving as Chairman of the Boy Scoutsí Advancement Committee for the district that includes the Lynnfield troop.

Treasurer: Dwight said that the special congregational meeting about the 2008/2009 budget will be held on Sunday, June 22, following worship. Dwight reviewed the actual numbers to date for the 2007/2008 budget, then highlighted some points in the projected 2008/2009 budget. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget for next year; Council voted in favor of the motion.

Moderator: Chris raised the idea of a special list, to be published monthly, that will highlight specific repair/maintenance needs for the church property. Phil discussed some of the specific items with Council. All members of Council responded favorably to the idea.

Christian Education and Youth Ministries: Barbara talked about the following church school and youth group activities:

Sunday School kids planted marigolds on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.
  • On June 1, children will practice their parts for the Childrenís Sunday service, which will be held on June 8.
  • Pagers are now available for parents of babies who stay in the Nursery during worship service.
  • On May 30-31, there will be a Middle School Youth Group overnight at the church, followed by a visit to Gordon College on that Saturday, to enjoy the challenge of the ropes course there.
  • The High School Youth Group will play mini-golf and enjoy ice cream at Richardsonís Dairy on June 1st. Their year-end retreat will be June 14 and 15 at Six Flags.
  • Airfare for the kids and chaperones going on the mission trip to New Orleans has increased significantly since the research into potential pricing was first done. Barbara noted that the participants have raised a lot of money for this trip via fundraisers and family contributions. She will contact Chris Gehret to see if the Outreach Ministries team has any money available to help with the unexpected increase.
  • Membership Ministries: Chuck said that Camille Ernest and Donna Marino will be joining the Membership Ministries team.

    The Essex River Cruise is scheduled for Sunday, August 17. The cruise will be from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m., and will be followed by dinner at Woodmanís Restaurant, where Chris Parkerís A Capella Group, Peking and the Mystics will be performing. Twenty-six people have signed up so far.

    Education Ministries: Perry reported that potential enrollment for the 2008/2009 classes at Tower Day School is looking good.

    Diaconate: Linda said that the first summer worship service in the Chapel will be Sunday, June 29. Grayce Kushmerek will represent the Diaconate on the Nominating Committee. The Diaconate is seeking to fill three open spots.

    Stewardship Ministries: Debbie reported that the pledges for church operating expenses (for the 2008/2009 budget) currently stand at $213,970.60. (Outreach pledges are separate from this number.) Discussion followed about the need to focus on raising the remaining pledges, to fully fund next yearís projected expenses.

    Properties Team/Finance Ministries: Phil said that a group who hosts book fairs to benefit children in need would like to use the church to host book collections, and to store the books between the time they are collected and the time they are sorted and distributed. Council discussed this idea briefly; Phil will provide further details.

    Phil mentioned that we need a workday at the church, possibly in June, to tend to some repairs and maintenance tasks.

    Debbie and Sandi presented some preliminary ideas for the shopping card program. A motion was made and seconded to have them serve as the coordinators of the program; Council voted in favor.

    Phil also said that 15 bricks were sold for the patio beside the parking lot.

    Next Meeting: The next meeting of Parish Council is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 18, 2008, in the Pastorís outer office.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Sandi Watson, recording clerk