Parish Council Minutes

September 26, 2006

The moderator called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M. Present were George Hayden, Rand Peabody, Linda Ladd, Phil Johnson, Dennis Bailey, Sue Johnson, Sue Lambe, Dwight Decker, Barbara Langill and Chris Gehret. Phil offered the meditation. He then officially welcomed Dennis to his first council meeting, He next welcomed Rand to his first and last council meeting, as no meetings took place during Randís tenure over the summer. The minutes from the June 27th council meeting were approved. Phil thanked Rand for his excellent interim service to CCC and Rand expressed his gratitude for his time here.

Interim Pastor Report: Rand offered a verbal and written recap of his thoughts from the time he spent at CCC. Subjects covered included the Thursday morning seminar, CCC personnel, evaluation procedures, and a recap of how his contracted time was spent.

Christian Ed. and Youth Ministry: Barbara reported that the new Rotation Sensation has begun with some minor changes to the routine. Children will proceed right to their classes from worship instead of going to the chapel; they will still meet in the chapel at the end of their classes. Some new families have joined this fall. Youth groups also have new members; the High School group had 20 students in attendance last week, as did the Middle School group. The High School group will take part in an overnight mission trip sponsored by the City Mission Society in Charlestown in October. The Middle School group will participate in a mini-walkathon on October 22nd.  On November 4th, they will assist the Cradles to Crayons group in Quincy. Youth groups will hold their annual pumpkin carving event on Saturday 10/28, with the pumpkins being displayed in the narthex on the 29th. Proceeds will benefit My Brotherís Table. The shareholderís dinner this past Sunday had over 90 people in attendance; a flamingo fund-raiser during the evening helped to pay for the meal. Lastly, Barbara presented a schedule for youth group summer trips which included a spiritual trip to Taize, France for Juniors and Seniors and a local mission trip for the full High School youth group.

Pastor Report: Dennis informed council that his installation service will take place on Sunday, November 12th at 3:00 P.M. The format for the service is being set, Dennis has chosen Rev. Dr. Tom Clough and Rev. Dr. Dayl Hufford as well as other clergy  to speak. Invitations will be sent out to local clergy and dignitaries to attend this service. The Thursday prior to the installation, Dennis will meet with the Committee on Ministerial Standing of the Metropolitan Boston Commission of the UCC. They will then vote to transfer his standing.  Phil, George and Debbie Cotting will attend this with him. This coming Sunday, October 1st, will be communion; and there will be no childrenís time. Dennis also mentioned that he uses mentors in his confirmation classes.

Worship Team Report: George met with Rand on Sunday, preparations for the upcoming communion service have been made.

Missions Report: Chris informed that Missions is currently collecting school supplies and that the Knitting Group attendance has been very good since an ad was run.

Properties Report: Phil reported for Rick Carey that over the summer all rugs were cleaned and the final set of shutters was installed. Tower Day School renovations (new tile floors and painting) have all been completed and the school now looks great. The ministerís office is to be painted shortly. There was some vandalism in the parking lot and school play yard this summer and the police have been alerted. The Properties Commission is considering a smoking ban for the entire property.

Investments Report: Dwight informed council that Investments is reconsidering their strategy as too many assets are currently in cash.

Financial Secretaryís Report: Sue informed us that pledges for the fiscal period just ended (1/1- 6/30) were $10,000 less than the pledged amount. She will also inform the Stewardship commission about pledges that have not been received for the new fiscal year (July- June).

Treasurerís Report: Dwight reported that for the 6-month fiscal period just ended, our income is down approximately $10,000 and expenses were $1000 under budget. The budget for the 7/1/06- 6/30/07 period is now being drawn up. All board chairs should review their budgets and give feedback to Dwight. Dwight will get updates from stewardship and Tower Day School.

Moderatorís Report: Phil reported that the revision of the Bylaws is progressing. He has added suggestions from Rand and Dennis, and also sent the bylaws to a group of 8 church members for review and feedback. Phil explained the proposed structure for elected positions under the new bylaws and asked council for feedback by 10/9. Discussions will be held for the congregation sometime in October.
Phil also reported that Dennisís office will receive new chairs, new paint and a new PC. The Search Committee will assist with Dennisís transition by planning publicity and events. Dennis is currently  looking for local housing while waiting for his current house to sell. Phil made a motion that CCC provide an interest-free loan to cover the 1st and last monthís rent and security deposit until the house is sold. This was seconded and approved.
The next council meeting will take place on October 24th, topics will include investments and endowment. Dennis offered a closing prayer. The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk