Parish Council Minutes

January 10, 2006

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:06 PM. Present were Tony Lucia, Bruce Gist, Dwight Decker, George Hayden, Debbie Cotting, Mike Dunfee, Susan Lambe, Phil Johnson, Hugh Penney, Barbara Langill, Linda Ladd, and Chris Gehret. Barbara offered the meditation. The minutes from the November 22nd meeting were approved.

Pastoral Search: Debbie informed us that the church profile is now 99% complete and the Search Committee has begun receiving candidate’s profiles. Our job description is also now posted on the national UCC website. Mike reviewed the list of Responsibilities for the Senior Pastor that he has updated for the search. Council members will review this list and approve it at our next meeting. The search committee will meet again next week.

Pastor’s Report: Mike reviewed a list he has formulated outlining tasks he would like to accomplish in the remainder of his time here.

Christian Education Report: Barbara reported that 8 Sr. High youths have signed up for a mission trip to New York City this summer. This is a UCC sponsored trip. 2 fundraisers have already been held in support of the trip. The Christmas pageant was a success and is currently being shown on the local Cable channel. Last Sunday, Epiphany, all students worked on crafts that are displayed in the Narthex. Youth group attendance was quite high this past week with 37 attending. A tubing trip is planned for 1/22. Youth groups will hold a fundraiser on Super Bowl Sunday, selling sandwiches and salads after church. The new Rotation Sensation workshop will begin on 1/22.

Financial Update: Dwight reviewed our current assets, fund balances, income and expenses. A motion was made to use money from the music fund to cover overages in this year’s music expenses. It was seconded and approved. A motion to use money from the Newhall Fund to cover the expenses of the Alice Mann series was made, seconded and approved. The Newhall Fund is not to go below $10,000 in doing this. Currently, the year 2005 budget shows a deficit of approximately $8,000, which is much better that anticipated considering our extremely high snowplowing and energy costs. The estimated 2006 budget now shows a surplus of $7103.

The church financial picture at this time is much healthier than one year ago, significant strides were made during 2005. A motion was made to use the balance of the Birthday Bucks money, the Newhall Fund and operating expenses to cover a deficit in 2005 Youth Group expenses. This was seconded and approved. Another motion to approve the proposed January- June 2006 budget as discussed was made, seconded and approved.

Stewardship Update: Hugh reported that planning for the Spring campaign will start soon. The campaign is expected to be in May 2006. and an all-church dinner is being planned. 2 additional stewardship committee members are being sought.

Membership Update: Tony reported that the website and a mailing are currently being worked on. Future plans include a luncheon and an art exhibit later in spring, Family Movie Night on Friday, January 20th and a progressive dinner this winter. In 2005, 24 people became members at CCC, this includes the confirmation class. Last Saturday, a presentation on Organizing Clutter was held, attendance was excellent.

Missions Update: Chris reported the year ended with a generous Christmas offering that was split between aid for local fuel assistance and Pakistan earthquake relief. An additional $700 was raised through Christmas card donations for City Mission Society. A donation to OCWM has been made, it was less than in past years. Missions has received $19762 in pledges for the January to June 2006 period. The group will meet to discuss allocating this. Jonathan Nickerson went on a UCC sponsored mission trip offering relief for Hurricane Katrina victims. He will share his experiences with the church at a later date.

Tower Day School Update: Linda informed that an electric heater has been installed in the bathroom. Dave Nasson is getting estimates to install 4 sets of crash bars on TDS doors to keep them locked during school hours. Signage is still needed. Moving the first floor men’s room door is also being considered for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Moderator’s Report: Phil informed council about the upcoming Annual Report. Susan will begin printing it on 1/17, so each committees report is due to her by Monday 1/16. Discussion ensued about the best way to present the budget portion of the report.

The Annual Meeting itself will feature reports from the Pastoral Search, Missions, Membership and Stewardship Committees. Reports will recap 2005 and include plans for 2006 as well. The rest of the agenda will include the budget discussion and vote, election of all offices and commissions and recognition of 50-year church members.

ONA Update: It was noted that the congregation voted solidly to become Open and Affirming; discussion ensued on becoming a more welcoming congregation in general.

Mike mentioned that our Mission Statement is still waiting to be finalized. It was moved, seconded and approved to adopt the Mission Statement as written. It will be published in the Annual Report and the new pictorial directory.

The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:45 P.M. The next council meeting will take place on January 24th, 2006 at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk