Parish Council Minutes

June 7, 2005

The moderator began the meeting at 7:08 P.M. In attendance were Bruce Gist, Tony Lucia, George Hayden Susan Lambe, Hugh Penney, Mike Dunfee, Barbara Langill, Phil Johnson, Chris Gehret and Linda Ladd.

Phil informed us that late-night parking lot disturbances have been a problem. Bob MacKendrick will discuss this problem with the police. We will look into updating our parking lot signs. Phil will keep us posted.

The major items of business for this meeting were stewardship, the Summit, and starting to form a search committee.

Stewardship: Phil completed the last reference check on Bill VanderWyden. All references have been very positive. Phil will sign the contracts and return them to Bill. Stewardship committee members need to be finalized; members of council will contact potential members for this group and the Planned Giving group

Summit: Alice Mann’s 3 meetings were very successful. Council reviewed and discussed many of the key points brought up during these meetings.

Search Committee: Moderator and council are eager to form a search committee for our permanent pastor, and are working to have our guidelines and direction in place so this can be done. Mike agrees that some more time needs to be spent on some of these issues, and also wants to start solidifying our choices for the committee. Council determined a preliminary list for the group. Our next scheduled meeting is June 28th. We will try to schedule an additional strategy meeting in order to solidify guidelines and directional issues.

Bruce reported that a memorial gift in Craig Newell’s name has been made and will be used to upgrade our audio-visual systems. He has ordered a service call to inspect our P.A. system; and would also like to improve the lighting in the Sanctuary. Bruce will research options and get back to us.

The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk