Parish Council Minutes

May 10, 2005

The moderator began the meeting at 7:10 P.M. Present were Bruce Gist, George Hayden, Phil Johnson, Mike Dunfee, Susan Lambe, Barbara Langill, Chris Gehret, Hugh Penney, Linda Ladd and Chris Parker from the Stewardship Committee. Hugh Penney offered the meditation, and Bruce Gist offered some additional thoughts.

The financial consultant who was to join us at the meeting was unable to come. Council discussed our thoughts on using Bill Van Der Wyden, the consultant we had previously met with, for our stewardship campaign. All felt positive about using him so it was decided that Hugh would contact him to further discuss our plans and that we would check his references. The idea of changing our fiscal year to one running from September through August or some variation on that was again raised. Hugh will also discuss this with Bill. After we receive his proposal and references, Council will meet to discuss moving forward and also then establishing the expanded stewardship committee. Hopefully this can take place at one of the next Alice Mann seminars. This Tuesday’s meeting we will order dinner for a group of 55. Alice’s 3rd meeting will be on May 24th. Menu for the 17th is pizza, for the 24th sandwiches.

Moderator’s Report- Phil informed us that the Tower Exchange Group is ending it’s 31st year in business and will have a Final Sale on May 18th and 19th. Their annual luncheon will be on June 1st. They have informed Council that they will be closing Tower Exchange permanently at this point. Their group of volunteers will be available to help with special events in the future, but they will no longer offer a weekly thrift shop. Council wishes to recognize this group in some way; Phil, Barbara and Chris will meet to discuss this. June 5th is the tentative date. Additionally, Linda is working on plans for Youth Sunday on June 12th; possibly including a softball game at Jordan Park.

Mission’s Report- Chris reported that they received modest donations in response to their 1st mailing. Missions realizes that this will not be a strong year for them. It was discussed whether a portion of the weekly loose offering could be used for Missions; and, whether a portion of their actual budget could be used to fund OCWM. Bruce noted an additional $4750 in Missions giving Year-to-date. Discussion on funding Missions going forward ensued.

Membership Report- 3 new members will join the church on May 15th. Friendship Sunday is also planned for May 15th.

The visioning meetings were discussed. The expected outcome of these meetings is to provide us with a review of our identity as a church as we prepare to begin our search for a new settled pastor.

Search Committee- Phil and Mike met with Tom Clough of the UCC to discuss our search preparations. Possible chairpersons for this group were discussed. After a chairperson is in place, committee members will be chosen. Discussion about our pending search and our last settled pastor search took place. The search committee should be about 8- 10 people. Council will begin looking for candidates and our goal is to form this group by June.

Pastor’s Report- Mike has now completed his training and become an officially certified interim minister. Delegates are needed to attend the UCC annual meeting on June 3rd and 4th. Council members to send suggestions to Phil. Anew piano is needed for the chapel, cost of a pre-programmable one is $3400. Mike will request memorial donations to try and cover this. Last Sunday’s Confirmation program was very successful.

Christian Education Report- Children’s Sunday is scheduled for June 12th. Recruitment for teachers for next year’s program will be on May 22nd. Retreats for all 3 youth groups will take place this coming weekend. This summer’s mission trip to North Carolina has raised $2100 from M&M tubes and $380 from flowers on Mother’s Day. The group will begin to sell ‘shares’ in the trip after church on May 22nd. The total cost of the trip for 18 people is $7,650.

Properties Report-Phil and Jeff Langill have recently made a list detailing all maintenance needs. Tower Day School has requested some updates to keep the school area for their use only during the school day. They have also informed us that peeling paint on the outside of the building could pose a problem for their next inspection. Linda informed us that 24 students have signed up for TDS Kindergarten in the fall.

Treasurer’s Report- Hugh reported for Dwight Decker that expenses YTD are running where we would expect at about 1/3 of the annual total through the end of April.

The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:40 P.M. Mike led the group in a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk