Special Parish Council Minutes

March 29, 2005

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:05 P.M. Present were Tony Lucia, Bruce Gist, Phil Johnson, Linda Ladd, Barbara Langill, Susan Lambe, Mike Dunfee, Chris Gehret, George Hayden, Dwight Decker and Hugh Penney. Phil welcomed Reverend Alice Mann, who was our guest for the meeting. Phil offered the meditation.

Phil recounted the meeting that he and Mike had with Rev. Mann last week. Tom Clough of the U.C.C had recommended her to us. At this initial meeting, Alice was given an overview of where we are currently as a church in our development. She then outlined a proposal for our church, which she reviewed for us. An interchange between council members and Alice followed, she was looking for as much information as possible. Some of the comments from council included that we are at a time of defining and redefining, and that we are soul searching for what we want to be as a church. The key question in this discussion was how to get as many church members as possible (other than council) involved in this process. Rev. Mann left the meeting when this discussion concluded. At this point council discussed our lack of "passion" in this church, and how we need to increase CCC’s "level of discomfort" in order to get everyone involved in making decisions and progress for the church. I t was moved and seconded that we hire Rev. Mann to help us guide our efforts. Phil noted that our church’s development would always be a work in progress. The schedule for working with Rev. Mann was outlined as follows:

Tuesday, April 12th: Identity

Tuesday, May 17th: Purpose

Tuesday, May 31st: Direction (Editor’s note: This date has been changed to May 24.)

All meetings will be held from 6:30- 9:30 in Todd Hall. Light supper will be served. Council will make all efforts to have these meetings as well attended as possible.

Pastor’s Report: Mike reported that we need an electric piano for the chapel before summer services begin. Doug Hodgkins has been looking into this. Mike will try and secure funding from memorials gifts. Mike also shared with us 2 press releases he has submitted to local newspapers. The first announces that on Sunday, April 10th we will have as a guest speaker Kimberly Waugh who worked on tsunami medical relief efforts. The second announces that Marcia Imbrescia will make a presentation on Stem Cell Research Guidelines at 11:30 on Sunday, May 1st.

Christian Education Report: "Easter Fun Day" on the day before Easter was well attended and successful. Our Easter morning breakfast netted $102 in contributions towards this summer’s Sr. High mission trip to work with Habitat for Humanity in North Carolina. 15 students have signed up for the July trip. Funds are also being raised with the return of the "Missions Money" M&M tubes. Other planned fund raisers for this important trip include selling Mother’s Day flowers, a car wash and selling ‘shares’ in the trip. Spring retreats have been planned for 2 youth groups. The High School group will go to Camp Merrowvista, and the 5th and 6th graders will go whitewater rafting.

Stewardship Committee: Phil and Hugh reported that they would be asking new members to join this group. They are also interviewing possible consultants.

Missions Committee: Chris Gehret informed us that their first meeting had a good turnout, and that short and long term goals were discussed. They will be presenting a "Missions Menu" each month. She is also working to resolve the funding shortfall for OCWM.

Membership Committee: Tony Lucia announced that this group’s kickoff meeting would be held this Thursday. He is also researching the cost of a van to and from Brooksby Village for Sunday services.

Other business: Hugh Penney mentioned considering the Pastor Emeritus designation for Mark Strickland. The Worship Team will take this matter up.

Financial Report: Bruce reported receiving $2500 in Missions pledges. This does not include special pledges, such as tsunami relief.

Treasurer’s Report: Dwight indicated that our year to date expenses are high due to excessive snow removal costs.

Mike led the group in a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk