Special Parish Council Minutes

February 15, 2005

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:05 P.M. Present were George Hayden, Tony Lucia, Phil Johnson, Barbara Langill, Chris Gehret, Mike Dunfee, Hugh Penney and Susan Lambe. Barbara Langill offered the meditation.

Pastor’s Report: Mike will have dinner at Brooksby Village on Thursday, March 10th at 5:00. Mike requested to have Kevin Hershey preach on Sunday, April 24th so he can be off. The week prior to this is a training week for him. Mike told us he has reviewed our most recent Church Planning Inventory report from 1999. Our seminarian, Kevin, has begun his work here. He will begin an Adult Education program on Sunday, March 6th that will also meet on the 13th, 20th and April 3rd. The topic is "Finding Life in Transitions."

Christian Ed. Report: Barbara reported that the new rotation for Lent entitled "A Walk through Holy Week" has begun. Youth retreats for Spring are being planned. Barbara and Jill have met with Kevin to familiarize him with our C.E. program. Planning is underway for our Easter "Almost Sunrise" service. An Easter Fun Day, including an Easter egg hunt, is being planned for the Saturday morning before Easter. Invitations will be sent to all Tower Day School students, and there will be an announcement in the newspaper inviting the public. At the end of this rotation session, the 7th and 8th graders will prepare an actual "Walk through Holy Week" for the younger classes to view. Barbara is currently taking 2 educational classes where she has met other youth leaders and Christian Educators and been able to share ideas. Mike mentioned that on Friday, March 4th our confirmation class will have an overnight retreat at Grotonwood.

Treasurer’s Report: Hugh reported that expenses in January were $700 over budget due to excessive snow removal costs. Dwight Decker is currently transitioning into the Treasurer position.

Moderator’s Report: Phil led a discussion regarding follow-up to our 2005 strategy meeting. We reviewed the goals established and discussed how best to proceed. An additional committee called ‘Visioning’ may be added. The Missions Commission will pursue some of their goals jointly with Stewardship. The Bylaws Review Committee has clear-cut goals including adding a succession plan for all officers and adding flexibility to our bylaws. The next step will be to start calling members to serve on the new committees. Phil, Chris and Tony will make the first calls. Phil will revise the guide sheets and send them out.

Phil also reported that he has received an appeal from the Mass UCC to honor our former women Associate Pastors. He will look into this. Tony would like to review CCC’s wedding policy as a council, he will work with the Diaconate beforehand on this.

Our next council meeting will be held on March 29th at 7:00, instead of on March 22nd as originally scheduled.

The moderator adjourned the meeting at 8:55 P.M. Mike offered a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk