Parish Council Minutes

January 4, 2005

The moderator began the meeting at 7:10 P.M. Present were Phil Johnson, George Hayden, Hugh Penney, Dwight Decker, Mike Dunfee, Susan Lambe, Barbara Langill, Bruce Gist and Linda Ladd. George Hayden offered the meditation. The minutes from the November 23rd meeting were approved.

Christian Education Report: Barbara informed us that the Christmas pageant went very well this year, and that the youth group Christmas party was very well attended. The new Rotation Sensation unit will begin this Sunday. The topic is Mary and Martha. The cooking portion of this session will be baking muffins to benefit Heifer International. This Sunday the youth groups will go tubing at Nashoba. Barbara would like to attend the Mass U.C.C. conference for Effective Youth Ministry, which runs for 5 Saturdays. Council approved this.

Treasurer’s Report: Hugh reported the good news that we ended last year’s budget almost even, despite the fact that we had been running almost $45,000 over budget. This is thanks to generous late contributions to help balance our budget, and a strong contribution from Tower Day School. Our challenges to balance the budget will continue in 2005. Board Chairs should submit their new budgets ASAP. Phil thanked Hugh and Bruce for all the work they have put into this. Council then moved and approved the transfer of $1,791 in the Birthday Bucks fund to Missions to help cover their giving this year. The Memorials Fund has a current balance $8,693. This money can be requested for specific church needs. At our next Council meeting, we will vote to approve the budget for 2005, so that it can be presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting. The Annual Report is being prepared by Susan Spear and all text reports are due on 1/13, financial reports on 1/19.

Annual Meeting: Our Annual Meeting will take place on January 30th after worship. Phil is working on the agenda. Topics to be covered include recognition of outgoing church officers and 50-year members, as well as redefining our Search Committee structure. In 2005, we will also look at the Commission structure as a whole with the intent of making some changes to simplify and streamline our operations. We will need to obtain congregational approval to make these changes at the meeting. Much discussion ensued about possible ways to engage more members in church leadership, duties of the Worship Team and various sub-committees as well as a possible revision of church By-laws. Phil will meet with the Nominating committee this week to discuss extending all current terms for 1 year only so that all Commission and Committee groups can be reassessed in 2005. He will also meet with the Stewardship team this week to discuss goals and plans for the coming year. The main objectives for the Annual Meeting were then discussed again.

Pastor’s Report: Mike discussed some of the components of our upcoming search and shared some of the information he has gleaned since coming to CCC. Phil spoke of the need to meet to decide on what our next steps should be with regard to the search. Mike reported that over 90 people attended the church dinner 0n 12/12, this was a great turnout. The 2 main groups represented were the ‘Retirees’ and the ‘Parents of young children.’ Mike shared his views on what he learned from our discussions including topics such as CCC’s role in the community, the role of women at CCC, our worship style, our music, our pastoral style and taking a stand.

Other notes: Phil read a thank-you note from Sally MacDonald about the Tower Day School appreciation program that was held. Our next Council meeting will be held on 1/25; topics will include clarifying our Annual Meeting agenda, clarifying our next Interim steps and identifying key leadership people within the church. Linda Ladd informed us that CCC has been notified of our selection as a site for the performance of the play "The Resurrection" this year. The performance date is Sunday, March 13th. Mike offered a closing prayer. The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk