2005 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2005

Our moderator, Phil Johnson, called the meeting to order at 11:00 A.M. 78 people were in attendance.

The moderator motioned to dispense with the reading of last year’s minutes; this was seconded and approved. It was also motioned to accept the various reports contained in the Annual Report without reading them aloud; this was seconded and approved.

The moderator called upon Chris Gehret for a report from the Missions Committee. She gave thanks to all who donated and served last year. She specially acknowledged the work of Sandi Watson and her great success with the Heifer International program. Chris announced that the year 2005 will include rethinking the way Missions has operated and creatively looking for new ways to be successful.

Phil then called upon the members of the congregation to remember our members who had passed away in the last year. All the names were read, and a moment of silence was observed in their memory. Phil then recognized those who had become 50 year members in 2003 and 2004. Special recognition and thanks were given to Barbara Brigham, who had served for 40 years as our church historian and membership clerk. Phil then recognized and thanked the church staff, Parish Council and the Stewardship team of Chris Parker and Randy Russell.

Phil told the congregation that 2005 would be a year in transition for our church that will include several focus areas. These areas include the search for a settled pastor, an effective stewardship campaign, a 5 year growth plan for membership, reorganizing the Missions group and reexamining our bylaws. Phil asked for the congregation’s support in these endeavors, and for volunteers for the tasks. Phil asked for questions from the floor, and Elouise Bjorkman was recognized. She offered the congregations thanks to Phil for his tremendous commitment and successful efforts on behalf of our church.

Phil requested that the Nominating Commission’s slate of officers and commissions be approved with the addition of Bill Hoey to the Tower Day School commission. This was seconded and approved.

The review of the operating budget for 2005 was presented by our treasurer, Hugh Penney. He noted that fiscal year 2004 finished ‘in the black’ for the first time in many years. The final numbers for 2004 were slightly better than those shown in the annual report. The only problem with our end of the year numbers came when our insurance company switched from quarterly to annual billing and therefore a larger payment was due. Pinky Warnock raised the question of pursuing another insurance company. The Properties Commission could look into this, but it was felt that most companies use annual billing. Hugh passed out a detailed 2005 budget for all to review. He gave additional explanation and details of this handout, including Tower Day School operations and the balance sheet. Hugh requested a motion to approve the financial reports and annual budget. This was moved, seconded and approved.

Ethel Leonard raised a question about the Welcome to Worship books in each pew and how they could be better utilized. Discussion ensued.

In the final item of new business, Phil introduced the congregation to Kevin Hershey, a B.U. seminary student who is interested in serving our church for the next 7 months as part of his training. Kevin will work approximately 10 hours per week from February to August. A stipend of $500 per month was recommended. This will be funded from interest on our special endowment fund. This was moved, seconded and approved.

Finding no more new or unfinished business, Phil asked Mike to lead the congregation in a closing prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk