Parish Council Minutes

November 23, 2004

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:05 P.M. Present were Bruce Gist, Hugh Penney, Tony Lucia, George Hayden, Phil Johnson, Mike Dunfee, Linda Ladd, Susan Lambe and Barbara Langill. Linda Ladd offered the meditation. The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Also attending the meeting were Marcia Imbrescia, Rick Carey, Evy Round and Kim Zero, all members of the Landscaping Commission. They meet monthly as a group. They have set some priorities, but would also like some feedback. Current priorities are: signage, the landscape contract for 2005 and the Memorial Garden. Signs are in disrepair, and some of the new parking lot signage has yet to be installed. The landscape contract in the past has been only for mowing. This year it will be necessary to add some provisions for mulching and bedding maintenance due to the new plantings. Bids will be obtained over the winter. Plans for our future Memorial Garden are also being considered. The overall effect will be contemplative and restful and will include seating. A lengthy discussion on all church signage and lighting was held. Phil asked that the Landscaping Commission come back with a proposal on all of the above mentioned issues. The far-end of the sanctuary and the shrubs there were also discussed, this area will also be considered and included in the recommendations. Marcia also requested funds for plant replacement in the 2005 budget. Some proceeds from the cookbook sales will be donated for landscaping purposes, Evy suggested removing the white posts by the chapel that used to hold signs. This was agreed to. New ‘Visitor’ signs will be placed in that area. The Tower Day School playground sign (‘Keep Out’) will also be changed; and a Tower Day School sign will be added. The Properties Commission will address all interior signs. Stronger, more visible ‘Handicapped Parking’ signs need to be established. Marcia asked for any additional ideas or input to be e-mailed to her.

Pastor’s Report: Mike encouraged attendance at the congregational history potluck supper. Last Sunday’s worship, which included recognition of the Tower Day School staff, was very well attended. This method of intentionally increasing attendance was successful and should be continued. We discussed possible groups that could be invited. Mike’s current focus is the Advent/Christmas season . He has been having lunch with parishioners to listen and gain insight. Future possibilities include a Reunion/ Homecoming Sunday and a Young Adult Reunion Sunday.

Christian Education: The Rotation unit on "The Good Samaritan" has ended, "Advent" has begun. All are invited to the Advent Workshop on 12/5 and the Pageant on 12/19. Youth Group night at Laserquest was a big hit with 36 youngsters attending. On 12/23 the Youth Groups will have a Yankee Swap Christmas party. The CE staff could use a digital camera and printer in the office. They will go ahead and purchase these.

12/12 Potluck Dinner: will take place at 5:00 pm. The Confirmation group will do set-up at 4:00. Bruce will set up the PA system, Phil will get the beverages. Mike plans to divide people up by decades of membership. Groups will talk about what CCC was like when they joined. Stories will be shared, a timeline will be constructed. Babysitting and carpooling will be offered. This event will be publicized in the Bulletin and Tower Notes. Phone calls to members will be made.

Treasurer’s Report: Hugh projects we will end the year with a $25,000 shortfall. The good news is that our expenses will be in line. We will need to take money out of Investments to cover expenses. Phil reported that we have received $11,000 in unsolicited monies towards erasing our 2004 deficit. Tower Notes will have an announcement looking for additional help in lowering this deficit. Bruce reported that our offerings the last two Sundays have been very generous. Phil gave a stewardship update that shows we currently have pledges of $199,900 vs. last years’ $144,100. As the campaign moves on, we will need to further discuss our missions pledge. Mike passed out a UCC article on stewardship. Our Stewardship Commission has alerted the congregation to a real need this year. After this year we will need to replace the panic with excitement about the happenings at CCC to generate revenue. A Stewardship phone call campaign was held last week; about eight volunteers phoned about 70 members about their pledges. Thankyou notes are being written, if we realize our goal, some type of a celebration will be held in January. So far, the average increase per pledge has been $500.

Board of Administration: A new full time custodian will begin on Monday. Scheduled work hours are 7:00- 3:00, and the firm we have been using will guarantee that someone is always on duty during those hours.

Faith Development: Linda reported that our church is a possible location for a showing of the play "Resurrection" this spring. She will keep us posted.

Worship Team: George reported that he received many favorable comments on the Thanksgiving service. Help is needed to get the Sanctuary decorated for the holidays. Advent planning will be finished at the next Worship Team meeting. Christmas Eve services will be held at 5:00 and 11:00 PM. Communion will be on the 2nd Sunday of Advent. It was suggested that Usher and Greeter selection be part of the Worship Team duties. George will look into making this happen.

Parish Life: Tony told us that he will be inviting potential members to our historical Potluck supper on Dec. 12th. The UCC national advertising spot will be added to our weekly church service video. Tony and Hugh are together working out where to best keep the restricted portion of CCC’s Investment fund.

Other business: Phil reported on the resignation of Barbara Brigham as Church Historian and Membership Clerk. Edie Richards and Roselyn Listernick will take over her duties on an interim basis. They will check with the UCC on the current guidelines for these important positions. Council nominated, seconded and voted them both in.

Nominating Commission: Board Chairs please make suggestions to Sue Durkee and Bob MacKendrick ASAP. We have 2 important Board Chair openings, Administration and Christian Service. Phil will e-mail Council with the complete list of openings.

Other Business: A work day will be held at church on Saturday 11/27 at 9:00 AM, there is a long list of chores to be completed. CCC is listed as the 4th beneficiary of the Guillow Estate, and the Council voted to empower Phil to resolve this matter. A new executor of the estate must be approved.

The moderator ended the meeting at 9:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk