Parish Council Minutes

September 28, 2004

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:10 P.M. Present were Phil Johnson, Bruce Gist, Hugh Penney, Barbara Langill, George Hayden, Mike Dunfee, Tony Lucia, Susan Lambe and Linda Ladd. Hugh Penney offered the meditation. The minutes from the 9/7 Council meeting were approved

Pastor’s Report: Mike offered us some of his first impressions since he began on 9/15. He feels our worship service could be much richer. He and the Worship Team will work together to try some new things. We will begin promptly at 10:00, ushers will remind folks in the narthex that the service is starting. Mike feels that people have been very gracious in receiving and welcoming him, and that CCC is a good solid New England congregation. On Sunday 10/3, Tom Clough from the UCC will join us for the interim installation service. Mike has also observed that we have a wonderful permanent staff here, and that our youth seem to be a great group. He said that people have been very concerned to hear his opinion on things, more so than he would’ve expected. He will try to steer our congregation to a more shared style of leadership. For now, Mike will be concentrate on worship and working with church leadership, including membership development. In his first month, his focus will be on getting to know the members of the congregation. Phil wanted to know what council could do to help Mike in his efforts. In addition to keeping him informed of all happenings, a lengthier meeting to cover all topics, including church history, will be scheduled. A variety of things to be reviewed will include CCC’s policies on communion, baptisms, weddings, music, sermons and readings. Communion will be offered this coming Sunday, as well as more frequently in the future. Mike posed the question, "What does this church really want to do and get accomplished?" As we ponder this, we have to realize that we will need to evaluate our priorities because the volunteer power to accomplish all we would like to probably doesn’t exist.

Other reports:

Stewardship: This year’s campaign will begin in October.

Board of Parish Life: Tony discussed the proposed Youth Center. Newspaper coverage this past week was excellent, but the key to the project will be having enough parent volunteers commit their time. Volunteers will be recruited at this weeks Lynnfield Middle School open house. In an effort to recruit more church members, a letter and our church’s new brochure has been sent to all the families of Tower Day School students.

Worship Team: George reported that the worship team will meet with Mike on 10/13. George will also meet with Mike to discuss plans for this Sunday’s communion.

Board of Faith Development: Linda plans to invite Sally MacDonald, Tower Day School director, to an upcoming council meeting to discuss communication between the two groups and how we can build on our strengths.

Nominating: Mike reported that he has received Barbara Brigham’s letter of resignation as membership clerk and historian. A temporary replacement needs to found quickly.

Financial Secretary: Bruce informed us that 75% of the year has passed, and we have received 79% of our pledges.

Treasurer: Hugh reported that year to date we are $41,000 behind in our budget. Pledges and offerings collected thus far have provided us with only 76% of our planned budget. Expenses have been in line.

Properties: Phil has met with the Properties Committee to review resumes for a replacement for Oscar. Tower Day School’s needs and requirements need to be detailed. Using a service company or hiring a sexton are also still being considered.

The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:40. The next meeting of Parish Council will be held at 7:00 on October 26th.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk