Parish Council Minutes

September 7, 2004


The moderator convened the meeting at 7:10 p.m. Present were Tony Lucia, Bruce Gist, Phil Johnson, George Hayden, Barbara Langill, Linda Ladd and Susan Lambe.

Bruce Gist offered the meditation during the meeting.

Phil announced he had received our new interim minister, Michael Dunfee’s, signed contract in the mail. He will begin on 9/15 and his first Sunday preaching will be on 9/19. The council then entered into a lengthy discussion about all of the aspects of our church's transition to a new interim minister.

Key points covered included:

Michael's official installation ceremony will be on October 3rd, Tom Clough from the UCC will attend. Additional plans to welcome Mike will include a staff lunch and a get-together with Parish Council. Bruce will review with him all aspects of our AV system. Parish Council then reviewed, in general, CCC's position on music, worship, communion, baptisms, weddings, photography, funerals, and use of our facility by other groups so that these can all be discussed with Mike.

Other items to be reviewed with him include his office hours, parish news during worship, coffee hour and efforts to reach out and re-claim members who are no longer attending.

Other business discussed included:

Custodian Update- Oscar's farewell party was well attended and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors. We are seeking a replacement for him and several resumes have been received by the Properties Commission. Interviews will be conducted soon. Currently, a property service has been hired to maintain the building. Options being investigated by the group include a new custodian, a sexton or a property service.

Landscape Update- a committee headed by Marcia Imbrescia has begun meeting to discuss future landscaping and signing needs.

Fellowship Update- the 2nd Annual CCC Golf Tournament to benefit our missions will be held on Friday, 9/17. There will be a Family Life sponsored pizza night that evening in Richard's Hall at 6:30.

Council Update- a succession plan for Moderator will be discussed; we will also discuss possible By-law changes to establish term limits for all Council positions. We discussed establishing an Associate Moderator position.

Board of Worship - 38 people attended the communion service led by Terri Motley in the chapel last Sunday. The Worship Team will be meeting to plan the ushering schedule for Fall, and then will reconvene after Michael begins. Phil Triffletti has resigned from the Worship Team.

Family Life Commission- Tower Day School director has been invited to attend an upcoming Council meeting; issues to be discussed will include insulating their main bathroom properlyfor winter and outside signing.

Properties- The church roof is 2 layers of shingles that are now curling. Phil has received an estimate for the cost of stripping and re-roofing which will be considered.

Christian Education- The school year kick-off meeting will be held on 9/8, a Sunday School open house will be held on 9/12. This will be publicized. Youth Groups will begin meeting on 9/12. The groups will include 5th and 6th Grade (led by Jill Couillard), 7th and 8th Grade (led by Barbara Langill) and High School (led by Jeff Langill). The 5th-8th grades will join other Mass UCC youth groups in Framingham on 9/25. The High School group is planning a working/service retreat in October. On 9/19, Pat Stanley from Heifer Intl. will join us. On 9/26, the group that traveled to the UCC Youth Conference in Tennessee will host a thank you dinner for all sponsors. Barbara is looking into a possible mission trip to North Carolina in June for the High School group.

Board of Parish Life- Tony outlined the plan for beginning a community Youth Center at CCC. The Youth Center would be legally covered by insurance we already have. Some timing conflicts exist, including Boy/Girl Scout meetings and the dance classes on Fridays. This project is currently in its' exploratory stages; we would need a commitment from 30- 40 parent volunteers to staff the center daily from 2:30- 5:00 or 6:00. This project will be advertised and Tony will recruit volunteers at the Lynnfield Middle School Open House later this month. Attendees at the Youth Center would be charged a registration fee, and no attendees would be permitted to leave the center.

Other- Barbara has received word of a training session at the UCC in Topsfield focusing on preparing to greet visitors to your church. It will take place on 9/18. Bruce Gist will restock the pew envelopes and remove obsolete envelopes. Bruce and Tony will revisit the Kinder Morgan Stock sale issue and hopefully resolve it. Minutes of the 7/22 council meeting were approved. The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:45. Our next meeting will take place on 9/28 at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk