Parish Council Minutes

May 25, 2004

The moderator began the meeting at 7:15 P.M. Present were Phil Johnson, Bruce Gist, Tony Lucia, George Hayden, Barbara Langill, Hugh Penney, Bill Hoey and Susan Lambe. Minutes from the last Council meeting were amended and approved.

Christian Ed.: The Teens for Tennessee group has been fundraising, they sold 37 shares of "stock" in their trip which brings the total raised to $3099. They will also receive $750 from

Missions. Both youth groups whitewater rafting trips were successful. Vacation Bible School has 38 students enrolled this year, the fee will be $30. Church school students will plant flowers on the grounds on Memorial Day Sunday. June 6th will be Youth Sunday, followed by an all-church picnic. The Heifer read-to-feed program raised $200 which brought us to our goal of purchasing 2 Arks this year!

Financial Secretary: Tower Exchange has donated $4000 towards the refurbishing of the Pastor’s office. MBA dues received to date this year total $2442.61.

Treasurer’s Report: Overall, expenses year-to-date are on track. A financial activity report by fund has been created so that each area of the church (ie.- Missions, Youth etc.) will have a recap of their finances year-to-date. Council discussed having the Tower Day School Board come to one of our meetings to review their structure and operations for us. The need for a quarterly report from the Investment Committee was discussed. Investments will meet before the next Council meeting to update us.

Stewardship Report: We hope to use available consultant monies to start a new program. Hugh Penney will contact Steven Gray regarding an endowment policy.

Board of Worship: The summer schedule for chapel services is almost complete, the Board will meet in June to finalize. The Worship Team, in conjunction with Raymond, needs to redefine our Baptismal policy. All baptisms must have a Deacon (Worship Team member) present, and must be properly recorded. This will be reviewed at the June meeting.

Board of Parish Life: A discussion was held regarding using our facility as a Youth Center in the Fall. This possibility will be explored. We have not had enough volunteers for collations this Spring. A policy needs to be established here. An ad hoc committee will be formed to research how other churches handle collations.

Other business: A new CCC brochure has been created. Council members will review and offer feedback to Tony Lucia. We need to find a new chairperson for the Board of Christian Service, as Bill Newell has resigned.

The moderator adjourned the meeting at 9:55 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk