Parish Council Minutes

January 6, 2004


The moderator convened the meeting at 7:10 P.M. Present were Bruce Gist, Bill Newell, Bill Hoey, Phil Johnson, George Hayden, Barbara Langill, Raymond Patch, Linda Ladd, Hugh Penney and Susan Lambe. The meditation was offered by George Hayden. Minutes from the 12/16 meeting were amended and approved.

Senior Pastor’s Report: Raymond reported positive feedback on the past Sunday’s alternative worship service. We will consider other such services in the future. Dr. Jean McGuire of the METCO program will join us this Sunday the 11th; on the 25th the Junior Choir will present a cantata about our segment on Daniel in lieu of a sermon. The Missions Committee is considering ways to streamline the focus of their outreach efforts. Recruitment of the Worship Team is ongoing. Raymond also shared some of his experiences and thoughts about ministering to the seriously ill and their families.

Christian Education and Youth Ministry Report: Barbara reported that the new rotation called "Daniel and the Fiery Furnace" began last Sunday. 57 students attended.

Financial Secretary’s Report: Bruce reported on 2003 income and updated us on 2004 pledges. Pledges for the new year are down approximately $45,000. Many people who pledged last year have not yet responded this year.

Treasurer’s Report: Hugh reviewed the 2004 Draft Budget with Council. A lengthy line-item discussion of the proposed budget took place. We are ending 2003 with a deficit of $40,000. The church’s total financial picture was discussed at length. The needs for planned bequests, charitable contributions and an endowment were all highlighted. Our current average annual pledge is $1150, or $22 per week. In planning the upcoming Annual Meeting, we need to focus on the growth of membership and stewardship to help our total financial picture. The question "What can we do to increase participation in the life of this church?" will be addressed.

Nominating Update: Bill reported that current openings include Auditor, Worship Team members, Personnel Commission and Stewardship.

Other business: The Personnel Commission reviews of the church staff were distributed to Council members for their review. These will be discussed at our next meeting. We will also discuss if this same process should be used in 2004.The Pastoral Relations Committee met on Sunday. They will be re-focusing a bit according to the guidelines suggested by Tom Clough at our 12/16 meeting. Also, the PRC proposed that Council update and reissue the policy regarding special services at CCC. Members of the PRC are Linda Ladd, Bill Newell, Phil Trifletti and Sue Penney. The Missions Committee met on 1/4 to review their budget and set new goals for the coming year. Hunger will continue to be their key focus. More hands-on projects are being considered, including Habitat for Humanity and an effort for HAWC. The moderator adjourned the meeting at 10:10 P.M. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 20th.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk