Parish Council Minutes

November 3, 2003

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:05 P.M. Present were George Hayden, Phil Johnson, Linda Ladd, Tony Lucia, Frank Scott, Sue Tomich, Raymond Patch, Phil Trifletti, Lola Leggett, Sue Penney, Hugh Penney, Bill Newell and Susan Lambe. Phil Johnson offered the meditation.

Phil thanked the Pastoral Relations Commission and the Personnel Commission for attending. The purpose and function of the PRC needs to be reviewed before we fill upcoming vacancies on the commission. Council needs to understand what the PRC is all about, their members attended to give an overview. The Personnel Commission does deal with some of the same issues as the PRC. Roles need to be clearly defined to clarify what communication there should be between the two groups. It was discussed if the ad-hoc PRC should be made a commission as per the by-laws. The Personnel Commission focuses on many issues, including staff evaluations. The PRC focuses primarily on the pastor. Lengthy discussion on all of the above took place. Discussion of our current staff evaluation criteria and the issues of how we should set goals and define success for our staff members was also held. Raymond feels that the PRC is a useful tool for his ministry, and that it would be good if the congregation utilized it more. All present felt that strengthening the lines of communication between all facets of the church organization would be helpful. It was decided that Council would assess making the PRC a commission per the by-laws, and that they would meet with Parish Council at certain points. Discussion on filling the vacancies on the PRC concluded this portion of the meeting. The PRC and Personnel Commissions departed at 9:05.

Council continued to discuss how to best have all parts of the church interact and communicate, and how to further develop our staff evaluation process.

Treasurer’s Report- Hugh gave a brief summary: income is currently falling short approximately $25,000, while expenses are up about $20,000 mainly due to utilities costs. Finances will be looked at in more detail at our next meeting.

Other business- the date of the next Parish Council meeting will be determined based on the availability of a speaker from the UCC. Minutes of the October 8th meeting were distributed to those present. Hugh will prepare an accounting update for the next meeting. Transitioning of the Moderator position, as well as all Board Chairs was discussed. Attendance at the second lay communion service was higher than the previous one. Agenda at the next meeting will include ideas for governing our church more efficiently and reviewing candidates for Moderator and other openings.

The Moderator adjourned the meeting at 10:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk