Parish Council Minutes

September 28, 2003


The moderator convened the meeting at 11:45 A.M. Present were George Hayden, Bill Newell, Linda Ladd, Phil Johnson, Bruce Gist, Hugh Penney, Raymond Patch and Susan Lambe.

The purpose of this Parish Council meeting was to focus exclusively on growth, development and goals for our church. We began this lengthy discussion by listening to recaps of books on the subject of church growth and strategies for revitalizing congregations. Book recaps were presented by Susan Lambe, George Hayden and Phil Johnson. Raymond wrote down key points to facilitate the discussion. Following is a very general summary of the ideas that we felt would be most beneficial to Centre Church:

-Building upon our strengths instead of focusing on our weaknesses. By expanding upon and further improving what we already do well, we can increase our program offerings and attract more members. Parish Council identified our main strengths as:

-our offerings for Youth and Young Families

-our Facility

-our strong and loyal Senior membership

- Building Community: while a sense of community is already apparent within our church, we want to strive for an "authentic" community where members feel comfortable sharing all aspects of their lives, not just the more superficial ones.

-Changing our Culture: becoming much more opening and welcome as a congregation.

One immediate goal that came out of this meeting is to reestablish the Young Parents group (formerly known as Mother’s group) as soon as possible. Jill had already begun to explore this possibility.

It was decided that the next Council meetings will be a continuation of today’s discussions. Other business covered included some personnel issues and approaching Barbara and Jill about their respective continued service. The minutes of the Sept. 9th Council meeting were approved.

Lastly, we have rescheduled our Council meetings as follows:

Monday 10/6 7 P.M.

Tuesday 10/28 7 P.M.

Monday 11/3 7 P.M.

Tuesday 11/25 7 P.M.

The meeting adjourned at 2:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk