Parish Council Minutes

June 30, 2003

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:08 PM. Present were Raymond Patch, Bruce Gist, Phil Johnson, Bill Hoey, Bill Newell, George Hayden, Barbara Langill, Linda Ladd, Jill Couillard, and Susan Lambe. Bill Newell offered the meditation.

Parish Council approved the minutes of the May meeting. Council will now approve minutes by e-mail, and these final, approved minutes will be forwarded to Tower Notes.

Senior Pastor Report: Raymond informed Council about the annual UCC meeting held in June. . On Oct. 26, the historic ship Amistad will be visiting Boston, and the UCC noted that Congregational churches had a key role in fighting slavery. The UCC has also decided to examine the issue of war. Raymond completed a weeklong class at the Yale Divinity School regarding Lectionary for the year. It was excellent preparation for planning the preaching for the year. The Worship Team feels the past year was uneven, and that celebrations and special events need to be better spaced. This years strategy will incorporate this with input from Christian Ed, Doug Hodgkins, the school calendar etc. The Membership Commission is planning a panel discussion for Fall with a group of church members discussing the subject: "What would attract your peers to this church?"

Raymond has spoken with Paul Nickerson about members of our Council visiting area churches that are successful and growing in the Fall. The churches selected are UCC Topsfield and UCC Medfield; their respective Annual Reports will be obtained before the visits. Substitute preachers for the remainder of the year will include Judy Arnold, June Cooper and Dayl Hufford.

Report from Youth Ministry: Barbara and Jill reported that Vacation Bible School begins on July 7. A total of 43 children from our church and the community have enrolled. Implementation of the new Rotation model for Christian Ed. has begun. Supplies were obtained at the Lynnfield Middle School sale and included 21 theatre seats, 5 computers and computer tables. The computer lab will be shared with Tower Day School. Things still needed include AV equipment (possibly a video projector) and removal of a closet wall. Space allocations for the Rotations are as follows: Storytelling will be in the balcony in the chapel, Cooking and Science will be in the kitchen, Drama will be in the stage area (and is in need of a closet), and Art will be in the Kindergarten room (and is in need of a sink and a cabinet). Furniture and other items are being priced and a proposal of costs by area will be submitted. Work needs to be completed by Sept. 14.

Tower Day School Kindergarten expansion: Linda Ladd will contact Chuck Cotting to find out when construction will begin. Still needed are: final closet specs, a quote for a sink and a finalized drawing. Construction of the new playground is to be done by the TDS Parent’s Forum. We need to find out who will be painting the fence.

Church Painting Update: Bill Hoey reported we have received $17,715 towards our $25,000 Goal for the painting fund. Parish Council voted to commit to and award a contract that includes hand sanding, removing of mildew, and a base and finish coat for the entire exterior, the steeple rail and the shutters.

Financial Secretary’s Report: Bruce Gist reported that June pledges have come in strong and no reminders have been needed.

Board of Faith Development: Linda Ladd reported that we are still in need of nursery staffers for the summer.

Board of Worship: George Hayden reported that the Worship Team will reconvene in September, and that upcoming Lay Communion dates will be Sept. 14 and Nov. 2.

Board of Administration: Bill Hoey reported that the Personnel Commission is working on evaluations this summer. Parish Council has requested a year-to-date recap from the Investment Commission.

Other Business: Phil Johnson has had Bill Newell assume responsibility for the Publicity Commission while the Board of Parish Life Chair remains vacant. Events planned for Fall include: a golf dinner/ fundraiser on Sept.19, the parking lot dedication on Sept. 21, and a church dinner social in late October.

The next meeting of Parish Council will be on August 5th at 7:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:18.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk