Parish Council Minutes

April 29, 2003

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:10 P.M. Present were Bill Newell, Bruce Gist, Phil Johnson, Bill Hoey, George Hayden, Susan Lambe, Hugh Penney, Linda Ladd and Raymond Patch. Linda Ladd offered the meditation and a discussion about change ensued.

Report on Tower Day School Kindergarten expansion: Linda Ladd reported that she and Chuck Cotting have toured the proposed rooms(22 & 23) and have 2 bids for construction. The room will still be used at night for other meetings. Class size is to be 12 students. Construction costs will be approximately $16,000 and additional annual return to the church is projected to be $26,650 for the first year with increases thereafter. A storage closet will be built so that the room can still be used for Sunday School. Parish Council toured the rooms and discussed the bids. It was decided to obtain a third bid. Furniture purchases will be made with ease of set-up in mind ie. , light-weight tables and stackable chairs. A motion to move forward with the Kindergarten expansion as discussed was made, seconded and approved. Bids and furniture purchases will be reviewed by Parish Council.

Board of Administration: Bill Hoey reported that plans for maintenance on the exterior of the building include steeple repair, installation of the new shutters and painting. Two painting bids (including scraping, power-washing, puttying windows, minor carpentry, a base coat and a finish coat) have been received at $41,000 and $35,000 respectively. A 3rd bid is awaited , and our options are being reviewed. Phil Johnson is reviewing our finances and gifts that have been designated for this project. A Special Appeal will be made to make up the difference in our costs. The goal is to complete this project during the summer.

Parking Lot Update: Phil Johnson reported that the walkway bricks will be installed the weekend of 5/9 and 5/10; and a dedication ceremony will take place on 6/8.

Pastor’s Report: Raymond reported that our first sunrise Easter service did well and that he would like to see this continue. Having only one service at 10:00 also went well. A survey of Lenten small group leaders is being done; and we hope to have another round of small groups in place for Fall. Confirmation classes have ended, and Confirmation Sunday will be on Mother’s Day, 5/11. Raymond will attend a class at Yale Divinity School for one week in June, the topic is "Looking a Year Ahead" in preaching. Raymond’s vacation plans, as well as replacement preachers, will be firmed up soon.

Treasurer’s Report: Hugh Penney reported that finances are on track, he also noted very strong Easter offerings.

Financial Secretary’s Report: Bruce Gist noted that our Year-to-date pledges are on track.

Board of Faith Development: Linda Ladd reported that Barbara and Jill will both oversee Vacation Bible School and August preparations for Church School, but will take a month off without pay in between.

Goal Setting and Future Planning for CCC: Phil Johnson led a lengthy discussion of these topics. The key focus of this discussion was church growth. It was determined that Parish Council will need to put additional time and effort into achieving this goal; and that help and education from the Mass. Conference U.C.C. will also be needed. At the next council meeting, Raymond will identify "successful and growing" U.C.C. churches in this area that could help us with our own growth process.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk

(Draft Minutes – To Be Approved at Next Council Meeting.)