Parish Council Minutes

March 25, 2003

The moderator convened the meeting at 7:10 PM. Bill Hoey offered the meditation. Present were Barbara Langill, George Hayden, Phil Johnson, Bill Hoey, Bruce Gist, Susan Lambe, Linda Ladd, Bill Newell and Raymond Patch.

Council approved the minutes of the Feb. 25th, 2003 meeting. Discussion about whether Council minutes should appear on the website followed. The decision was made to have Council minutes be put into Tower Notes that are e-mailed to members, but not to include them on the website. Linda Ladd will communicate this change to all who are involved.

Report from Youth Director: Barbara Langill reported on upcoming events. Family Life will sponsor a potluck dinner on 4/4/03; both new members and potential members will be invited. Middle School Youth Group had a meeting with Dayl Hufford and will go on a whitewater rafting trip in May. The Famine fest sponsored by the High School group will be held on 3/28- 3/29. The group will perform service activities and give a report to the congregation on Sunday morning. Vacation Bible School is currently being planned. An Easter sunrise service is being planned for 7:00 AM on the front lawn. Our current Church School curriculum will be replaced in Fall, perhaps with the ‘Rotation’ model. Linda Ladd and Barbara Langill will explore this theme-based curriculum. We would like to get a regular, paid Nursery staffer in place for Fall. Lastly, the Christian Ed office needs nails removed and a computer desk.

Senior Pastor Report: Raymond informed Council of the success of the Heifer Project tubes, our goal of purchasing an "ark" will likely be met. The Caregivers group has been receiving guidance and direction, Nancy Brown has been instrumental in this. A list of the Caregivers and a recap of their efforts will be publicized. The Lenten small cell groups are going quite well and something similar will be considered for the September to November period. The Membership Commission has stepped up their role within the church. They had been meeting annually to clean out the membership list; they are now meeting monthly and have taken a more pro-active stance. Raymond asked for Council’s input on a letter that will be sent to members who have not been active in some time. Council suggests that the letter be worded as an invitation to come back to CCC.

Tower Day School Kindergarten expansion: Linda Ladd informed Council that this would be a cost-effective move. There are currently 24 students signed up for Fall. Discussions are ongoing as to whether this would be a Kindergarten or a 4-year old class and exactly what space would be used. Council requested a fiscal plan before we comsider moving forward.

Discussion of role of Co-Interim Directors of Youth Ministry: Phil Johnson led discussion on researching our options and putting forth our best permanent staffing plan for CCC. Parish Council discussed extensively how to proceed. The input of all parishioners is valued and welcome. Please give your opinions to Council members. Raymond is pleased with our current model; both Barbara and Jill have accomplished much. Raymond feels we need someone full-time to focus solely on Youth including Christian Education, Youth Groups and Family Life. Barbara is in agreement that a 40 hour time commitment is needed to do the job properly. Fortunately, both Barbara and Jill have agreed to stay on through next year or until a replacement is in place.

Board of Parish Life: A chairperson for this board is still being sought, possible ideas were discussed.

Board of Faith Development: Linda Ladd reported on the Easter Egg Hunt that is being planned for Saturday, 4/19. A presentation by a puppeteer will also be included and this event will be open to the public. Raymond had an interesting and enjoyable visit to the 5th Grade Church School class. The Board of Faith Development will have an all- Commission meeting on Monday, 3/31. Phil noted that this would be a good idea for all Boards.

Board of Christian Service: Bill Newell reported on the upcoming Missions meeting which will include a discussion of the new food pantry. The Publicity Committee has requested the use of a digital camera to use for E-mailing press releases.

Board of Worship: George Hayden recently attended a UCC convention and went to groups focusing on "Creating Worship Teams," and "Developing Ways to Bring the Bible Alive." George will continue to develop these ideas with the Worship Team. Work on lay-led communion services is ongoing.

Board of Administration: Bill Hoey reported that the Property Commission will begin to discuss needed church maintenance including repairing the steeple and painting the church. The Board has sought consultation on possible solutions to the deteriorating paint. The Investment Commission is meeting monthly with a goal of developing overall investment and endowment policies. The Personnel Commission continues to work on reviewing all job descriptions and evaluation forms.

Other Business: CCC has been contacted by the Summer Street School and asked to use our building as a safe place to go in the event of an emergency. Students would be accompanied by teachers and would be in the building until their parents picked them up. This request was approved by Council. Additional Safe-Church training sessions need to be scheduled. The need for better signing within the church was discussed as exits, entrances and restrooms can be difficult for visitors to find. The Next Council meeting

will include a discussion of goals for CCC. All members are to come prepared with 5 one-word goals to begin discussion.

Financial Secretary: Bruce Gist reported that income from use of church space is up this year. Income for the 1st Quarter is on track with budget. It was also decided that any proceeds from investments will remain within those accounts.

Tower Exchange: Bill Hoey reported that Tower Exchange has agreed to donate $2500.00 to buy dehumidifiers and new vanities for the downstairs bathrooms.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Lambe, Recording Clerk